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Locum Insurance provides medical practice owners specialist cover to reimburse the costs of employing a locum following injury, accident or sickness to practitioners' or other key members of staff.

As a specialist healthcare broker, we work with ‘whole of market’, meaning that we carry out a comprehensive review of your requirements to establish the best provider based on your requirements.   Most of our insurance partners provide indemnity for up to £5,000 per week, with bespoke cover to suit each practice requirements, providing financial peace of mind and sustainability, allowing you to focus on patient care.

Our unique locum insurance package offers cover for doctors and key staff, including: 

  • Hiring a locum to cover sickness absence
  • Temporarily replacing key staff
  • Providing sick pay to key employees

The NHS has recently passed legislation where it will reimburse some of the costs associated in hiring a locum – however, giving the financial pressure that the NHS is under, will the reimbursement be enough for your practice to sustain patient care at professional standards?

Employing a locum on short notice can be financial challenging for the practice owners and partners. 

As a specialist healthcare broker, we are owned and operated by Doctors, for Doctors in order to deliver the most cost effective solution around Locum Insurance, such as: 

  • Long term permanent cover
  • Up to £5,000 per week for locum or role replacement cover
  • Eligible roles include GPs, practice managers, pharmacists and specialist nurses Up to £2,500 per week sick pay insurance for other key employed staff
  • Flexible payment options
  • Cover for psychiatric conditions
  • Dangerous sports covered, on an amateur basis
  • HIV and needle stick cover
  • Options for rehabilitation cover and career breaks
  • Maternity cover for illness or injuries not arising from normal pregnancy
  • Payments can be made to GPs covering extra shifts
  • Jury Duty, Family Emergencies and Paternity cover often included at no cost.

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