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Premature Discharge

In the event where a patient has been admitted, but prematurely discharged and the events that follow outside of care result in further injury/sickness or have severe impacts on the patients’ health. A claim could be filed arguing had the patient remained in care for longer, the resulting impacts (for example, a stroke or heart attack) could have been reduced or prevented.

Mental Harm of Patients

Where the treatment, or outcome of treatment, has affected a patient negatively, emotionally and/or mentally. If a patient feels your treatment has worsened any mental aliment, or has created one, a claim may be placed against you. Indemnity will help cover the costs of any legal fees, claims costs and possibly also any compensation costs claimed by the patient.

Sexual Harassment

In the event of attention between patient and professional that is deemed professionally and socially inappropriate, the individual (patient) affected may file a sexual harassment claim against the medical professional. Indemnity helps protect you against the financial and reputational damage that results.


We cover medical professionals from negligence claims that have resulted in misdiagnosis of a patient. Claims arise where misdiagnosis has led to serious injury of a patient, severe healthcare issues or even death, where the individual(s) affected deem you personally liable.

Patient Injury

Our medical indemnity policies cover injury of a patient in the event of a negligence claim. This means that if a patient receives treatment that causes an injury, or worsens an injury, and the patient finds you responsible our indemnity will protect you from.

Patient Referral Delays

There are many claims our medical indemnity policies protect against and patient referral delays is one of them. A patient could file a claim against you if they feel their referral (that you as a professional have requested) has taken far too long, resulting in increased health issues or development of new health issues, causing emotional and psychical discomfort.