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Medical Indemnity Insurance

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Medical Indemnity insurance (Medical Malpractice) protects you against claims that that arise out of professional negligence, errors & omissions from the professional services (treatment or care) that you have provided.

This can include (but not limited to) misdiagnosis, injury, delays in referring patients, mental harm of patients.

As an independent Broker at Lloyd’s, we specialise in the placement of medical indemnity insurance in the UK for hundreds of medical professionals each year.  We are operated by doctors, for doctors – thus understand your insurance requirements and how we can add value to you. 

We're Here to Help if You...

  • Need a policy that is tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Are not happy or sure about the level of your current policy coverage.
  • Are not certain about the minimum GMC or regulatory requirements for medical indemnity.
  • Feel vulnerable on discretionary membership coverage.
  • Haven’t got inclusive Run-Off cover.
  • Are concerned that you are paying an unfair amount for your medical Indemnity.
  • Do other private work that is not covered in your policy including; medico-legal reports, coroner’s inquest reports, mental health assessments etc.
  • Need flexibility in payment options.
  • Want someone available 24/7 to talk to and seek professional advice from.
  • Require expert independent advice and consultancy.
  • Have been declined indemnity elsewhere.

Our Objectives in Helping You

  • Give you peace of mind and remove stress of potentially be unrepresented in a legal claim or complaint.
  • Ensure your financial stability by offering flexibility in payments.
  • Minimize and remove any vulnerabilities you have in practice.
  • Enable you to treat your patients with reassurance and confidence.
  • Have someone by your side, during the good times and the bad.
  • Help you grow as a medical professional.
  • Provide you with flexible options to work, such as Out of Hours.

What we will do for you

  • Create bespoke insurance solutions directly from Lloyd’s of London that include:
  • Medical Indemnity coverage (with flexible limits up to £50m)
  • Public Liability Coverage
  • Run-Off Cover/Extended reporting coverage*
  • Inclusive libel & slander cover
  • Inclusive reputational damage cover
  • Regulatory/Review board committee defences/representation (GMC)
  • Data Protection coverage
  • Risk management & Rehabilitation plans
  • Advice & Consultations
  • International coverage
  • Access to ServCare Union which includes:
  • Employment Defence
  • Full regulatory Defence
  • Regulatory guidance and support

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