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Are you a dermatologist working within a private practice? Whether it’s your own private practice or a group practice, you’ll understand that you’re exposed to the possibility of legal action being taken against you. As a Doctor, your intention is to always help the patients that you represent - we know and understand that your intentions are always good, but there are situations where things can go wrong.

Dermatology in itself is a very sensitive area of medicine. Dealing with the skin, treating a myriad of skin conditions from eczema to acne leaves no room for error. With that in mind, we decided to create a bespoke dermatologist medical indemnity insurance program that caters to professionals who are looking to move away from the usual medical union insurance  providers. Our bespoke insurance also covers those who may have been subject to previous claims made against them.

Protect Yourself Against Claims

As any dermatologist knows, claims made against them in respect of their liabilities can be incredibly expensive if you haven't got the correct or appropriate level of coverage. They’re of course even more costly should you be found legally liable, such as  legal fees, to compensation awarded to the claimants.

Ensure You’re Protected With Our Dermatologist Insurance

The final sum can mount up very quickly and without adequate insurance can be life changing. Servca specialise in working with medical professionals such as yourself and we help protect you against compensation claims as well as the cost of defence against claims should you need it.

While many choose medical defence unions and other sources of protection, privately arranged indemnity insurances have proven to be more favourable for the simple fact that they offer more cover options as well a contract of insurance at a competitive premium.

Private Insurance Vs Medical Defence Union for Dermatologist Insurance

When it comes to medical defence unions (MDUs), generally speaking, they don’t offer absolute protection. With defence union memberships, protection is considered discretionary. This means that when a claim is brought against you, the union itself reviews the matter, internally.

Only after reviewing your individual case, will they decide whether or not you’re covered. This could mean, should a claim arise, the union may choose not to offer you the protection you need. There’s also the matter of rising premiums the next year, regardless of whether or not they decided to protect you.

Contact Servca Today For Dermatologist Insurance

At Servca, you can rest assured that your dermatologist insurance is a legally binding contract. Not only that but it’s backed with an ‘A’ rating in security as well as optional run off extensions. That means you can continue to practice the medicine you’re trained to do with peace of mind should a lawsuit arise. 

If you’d like more information on our dermatologist insurance options, simply contact us today on 020 78469010. Our team are always on hand to offer help and advice to ensure you have the appropriate level of cover.

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