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Ophthalmologist Indemnity Insurance

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As any Ophthalmologist, working in the private sector, there’s always a risk of a patient putting in a claim against you for the treatment you have provided (malpractice), or for a variety of other reasons. When it comes to our eyes and more specifically, a patient’s eyesight, there is no margin for error whatsoever. Having adequate levels of cover as an Ophthalmologist is therefore very important.

Servca Offer Bespoke Ophthalmologist Insurance

At Servca, we have developed a bespoke Ophthalmologist indemnity programme to cater specifically to those wanting the highest level of indemnity cover and representation at affordable and fair premiums. This forms part of our medical indemnity insurance programme.

It’s also a great alternative for those with previous claims, who may be struggling to find competitive cover elsewhere. At Servca, we’re able to provide an almost instant quote indication via our online tool to show you how much your premiums should be, should you choose cover with us.

What Dose Ophthalmology Insurance Cover

When it comes to a claim, regarding an Ophthalmology malpractice, the possibilities of such liabilities can be incredibly expensive; both to defend as well as if you’re found to be legally liable. This is where the correct cover will protect you, by providing cover against:

  • Losses with respect to both compensation claims.
  • Costs made against you or your practice.
  • This is including your own defence costs.

This is where it can become a little uncertain for those opting for membership to unions instead of an exact insurance cover.

Private Insurance Vs Medical Defence Unions for Ophthalmology Insurance

Generally speaking, the union with which you have cover aren’t legally obliged to ‘protect’ you in every case. Instead, in the event of a claim, your particular matter will be reviewed internally before they decide whether or not to indemnify you. 

They can and sometimes will refuse, leaving you without any protection and extremely vulnerable to huge, in some cases, life altering costs. It’s also worth noting that irrespective of whether they protect you or not, you’ll still find your fees the following year, increasing dramatically.

However, with Servca's Ophthalmologist Indemnity policy, you can continue to practice with the peace of mind you have always wanted. With cover from Servca, you’ll know that you’re protected with a legally binding contract that’s not only backed with ‘A’ rating for security but also offers optional run off extensions to ensure you’re covered at all costs.

Get In Contact With Servca Today

Our team are on hand to answer any questions and offer you the guidance needed to ensure you’re protected with the correct level of cover for your specific medical field. If you’d like more information on the services we offer, including a number of specific medical professions, simply contact us today via 020 78469010. 

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