Group of doctors reviewing notes

Registered Medical Practitioners

As a specialist medical indemnity and healthcare intermediary – we cover all disciplines of registered medical professionals globally for medical indemnity coverage for individual practitioners or groups/associations. Alongside our medical indemnity cover, we offer full ‘Union’ cover for medical practitioners seeking a comprehensive insurance package, which incorporates:

  • Employment T&Cs of Service
  • Advice on Employment grievance procedures
  • Employment advice and representation in the employer disciplinary and capability process
  • GMC hearings
  • Tribunal support
  • Professional Disciplinary Defence
  • Defence against patient complaints
  • Representation for trainees in ARCP appeals and in
  • Legal Advice & Representative – complete with direct access to our dedicated legal advisors. Unlike our competitors, our Union Cover is not generic ‘Before-The-Event’ insurance policy – but a service designed and engineered by Servca to assist medical practitioners to have all of their insurance and union requirements under a single monthly affordable policy.

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