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As a Urologist working in private practice, you are exposed to the possibility of legal action being taken against you in respect of your legal responsibility for malpractice arising during the course of your treatment. Urology is a sensitive area of medicine, with no margin for error when treating patients’ vital organs. Our bespoke Urologist medical indemnity insurance programme caters for professionals who are seeking to move away from main stream unions or who have had previous claims.

Claims in respect of these liabilities can be expensive to defend and even more costly if you are found legally liable. Your Urologist indemnity insurance, or Medical Defence Union cover should protect you against losses by providing you with insurance in respect of compensation and costs awards made against you and the defence costs of any claim. However in many cases, privately arranged indemnity insurance is often found to be more favourable in cover options, flexibility and premiums. Private Insurance Vs Medical Defence Union for Urologist Indemnity Insurance

Generally speaking, defence unions offer membership which is discretionary cover in the event of a claim. This means that should a claim arise, the union will review the matter internally and decide whether they should indemnify you (it is also worth noting that your membership fees for the next year will dramatically increase).  

Private Insurance programmes arranged by Servca for example are based on Contract of Insurance, which is a legally binding contract, backed with ‘A’ rated security and optional run off extensions. Further, as part of our offering – we launched ServCare Medical Union to give you all of the benefits of a Medical Union, including legal representation, regulatory and employment support.  

Please refer to the ServCare Medical Union.

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