Locum PA

Locum PA Ltd is the UK’s specialist provider in Physician Associates, supplying medical services to both Primary care (GP, WIC, OOH) and Secondary care. Our unique services enable clients an opportunity to trial a different method of delivering primary care medicine with our vetted, UK trained, experienced Physician Associates. This allows practices to see how experienced PAs integrate into the team and save upto 40% of Locum expenditure and staffing costs. We also find permanent staffing solutions for our clients. Owned and run by two founding Physician Associates we ensure that our clients are provided with expertise and quality locum Physician Associates. By developing close working relationships with our GP partners, we help educate teams on the Physician Associate role and showcase our user-friendly tech & services to clients and patients. Why us? · We cover the indemnity of all our PAs. · With the use of our technology, shifts can be published to workers and confirmed to clients within seconds. · We also use secure app-based GPS time-sheets. · We provide expert advice on service provision, regulatory affairs, supervision and employment practices.

Website a.reynolds@locumpa.com 07557134342

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