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What is Professional Indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance protects companies from claims that arise out of the professional services that have been provided.

Professional indemnity insurance will cover any costs of a claim, settlement or legal fees that are due as a result of negligent advice or services.

We’re here to help if…

  • You are struggling to get support for your non-standard business.
  • You have previous or open claims that is preventing your current insurer offering you a competitive quote.
  • You require Excess Layer support.
  • You are unsure of the level of your current coverage and exclusions that effect your working practice.
  • You are losing out on contracts because minimum coverages are not met.
  • You want to find out if you are receiving the best level of cover with appropriate policy wordings in line with your business.
  • You want ‘A’ rated Lloyd’s of London security and representation.
  • You want to use your insurance policy as an attraction tool to secure future investments or contracts.
  • You need advice on how to set up a new practice or organisation within the professional services sector.
  • You want to pay a fair premium for your policy.
  • You have previously been frustrated with the claims handling from previous insurers/brokers you have worked with.
  • You want a personal relationship with your account manager.

What are our goals for you?

  • To give you peace of mind and remove uncertainty.
  • To ensure your financial stability by offering flexibility in payments.
  • To remove any vulnerabilities you have in your professional line of work.
  • To give you the independence to grow your company without any jurisdiction or activities restrictions.
  • To enable you to offer your services at the highest levels of your capabilities.

What we will do for you

  • Tailored polices direct from Lloyd’s of London that include
  • Risk management
  • Advice & Consultations
  • International coverage
  • Policy reviews to ensure the policy covers your business activities

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