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Servca developed ServCare Medical Union (SMU) for our valued UK medical professional clients in order to give them a platform and ‘go to’ place for various matters ranging from employment to regulatory. The membership is a fixed price throughout the year and the membership is separate from your indemnity policy.

The membership does not consider turnover or number of patients examined each year as a price driver – but rather the Medical Union is treated as a learning and networking resource for healthcare professionals, including exclusive invitations to network opportunities and our annual co-hosted ‘Black Tie’ event with industry leaders and over 700 healthcare professionals.    

ServCare was designed and launched in 2016 for doctors, by doctors to offer support and guidance to medical professionals who had chosen to opt for private indemnity rather than mainstream defence unions.  Often these medical professionals had private indemnity, arranged via a broker or insurer which sometimes included standard ‘BTE Legal Expenses’ cover, which would not cover them for specific medical related matters,  thus leaving them exposed and isolated in the event of regulatory, employment or compliant/claim notifications.  

ServCare is a bespoke solution to allow members to have direct access to a medical defence union, offering guidance throughout the year without being penalised at the annual renewal of the membership.  ServCare Medical Union is currently available for all healthcare professionals in the United Kingdom and can be attached to any medical indemnity insurance policy arranged by Servca or affiliated organisations.

Employment services

Professional Disciplinary Defence: GMC/Regulatory

Additional Benefits


What’s the difference between an ‘Before-The-Event’ legal expenses policy and ServCare?

A BTE policy is typically a standard legal expenses policy that would cover you for a certain amount of legal fees in the event of a claim. The advice is often commercially based from call centres or from solicitors who often take a ‘commercial’ view on matters whilst not considering your trade, occupation and repercussions in the future.

ServCare was launched to cater for a growing market or healthcare professionals seeking a tailored membership solution for healthcare professionals, backed with legal advice from qualified solicitors to advise on all matters ranging from employment, regulatory disputes to tax/financial matters. The ServCare Union Cover can be utilised throughout the year as a ‘checking point’, which does not constitute as a claim.    

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